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What, Where, How, Why??


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Hi All,

After being given the job title of 3D Graphic Designer (?) from Engineering Draughtsperson I thought champagne would fall from the ceiling and 3D images would look so real you could hang them up and people would try and walk into them........................Back to earth with a bump then!!

How do I go from drawing 2D roads to 3D structures and interiors (to the level most of you are at) whilst still working 5+ days a week in the UK??


Any advice would be appreciated, is it a case of finding a part time university course or is practise, practise, practise the order of the day?


We are using Revit and Max......with a litle bit of microstation v8 thrown in whilst we change over!!


Thank you,


Paul Timmins

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And practice your practise too.


Just keep trying things out. We have all of us produced some utter crap over the years at some point in our careers but learned things from it. Better still learn from others by watching the WIP and finished posts here and on other forums.

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Well I would say to definitely take a course if available to you. And then after that comes all the practice.


I took an autocad 3d modeling class in college a few years ago. Now it seems like it was totally basic stuff, but thats really what got me interested in the world of 3d, and I learned a lot from it.


Then a couple years after that, & I had gotten pretty good at modeling, I had a workmate train me on how to set up lights & materials on Viz. I probably couldn't have done it without him. Well I could have, but for me, its always so much better to have somebody show me in real life. Not reading a manual, because sometimes those are just so hard to understand.


So I say take as many courses as you can that will help out. But between classes and after classes, practise like hell and figure out how to make things do what you want them to. Little by little you will become a 3d master. And don't forget this forum. If you ever get stuck on something, just ask.

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