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have never seen a complete tutorial on animation rendering in different passes.

chow choppe

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Hi guys


i was trying to look for tutorial on rendering animation with moving objects(the older method not the animation prepass method ). everywhere the first step is easy to understand that u hide moving objects and render still objects by caluclating LC first and then IR. oka i understand it it but what next. how do u deal with the pass of moving objects which needs brute force now. how to u hide other objects or matte them, should they visible to reflections still because moving objects will reflect them , should their recieve shadows be on, obviously yes. and in still objects pass how do u cast the reflections or shadows of moving objects?


so how do we handle the whole process of matting in second phase of moving objects pass. its not so clear.


can anyone point me to that?


P.S how many of you still using this method or u have shifted to the prepass method.



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