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Rendering over the internet


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After some tinkering, I managed to configure Backburner to accept rendering tasks submitted over the internet to be rendered on the render farm at the studio.


I'm no network techie so i thought it was cool when i got

the system up and running.


Now here is where my problem comes:


1. How can I secure backburner to NOT accept unauthorized render jobs,

because leaving the render farm up and running for the weekends or on long

holidays might pose problems like this. I would not want to be always and constantly checking the backburner monitor just to know if there are unwanted jobs.


Or, for the simple reason that some people with malicious intent might mess things.


2. My ISP constantly changes my IP address (about 6 to 8X over a 24 Hr cycle). Are there tools or ways to get around this?


Solutions like DNS2GO are a No-No. and i dont want to get a static IP because its very expensive.



...and many more after I test run the system.


Some tips and techniques and suggestions would be vry much appreciated

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As for your DNS, you might be able to use a service like http://www.dyndns.org/


They have some free versions available, and it is pretty much just a redirect to whatever your IP is.


As for only accepting approved jobs, you should find a way to password protect the submissions, most likely through a session verification or .htaccess file, but it is hard to say without knowing more about what kind of system you are using and how it is configured..

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