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[HELP] Render to Texture with VRay errors


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Hello all!


I am trying to bake some textures with 3ds Max 2012 and Vray 2.1. Unfortunately I get a few issues that so far I have been unable to resolve myself and found nothing on Google either.


So I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.


The first problem I face is, that Vray does only save blank files when rendering to texture. I have tried enabling and disabling the Rendered Frame Window and the VFB, but in all combinations only blank files are saved.


The second problem is that on some objects, I get the underlying triangle mesh as an overlay (see screenshot 1). When I render normally everything is fine (please dont be pricky about the lighting right now ;) ). The material I use is a standard VRay Material with only a bump map.


This does only happen on some objects however, not all. In a desperate attempt to get rid of this I deleted the object and rebuilt it from scratch and first I was totally happy as the artifact was gone. Then I rendered the map again and the triangles were back.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?


Any help is greatly appreciated as I am turning in circles right now and getting grey hair fast. :(


Thanks a lot!

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