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Is this PSU OK for an i7 2600k build?

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Hi all,

I am about to build two render nodes (mini ITX motherboards, i7 2600k CPUs, integrated graphics, 4-8 GB RAM each) and my aim is to keep everything as small as possible. For that reason I am looking for a small form factor PSU and was wondering if the one from the link bellow will be compatible with the motherboard and CPU.

1. Motherboard- Intel DH67CF

2. CPU- i7 2600k

3. PSU- Seasonic SS-250SU F0 slim Psu



My biggest concern is that the PSU has 1U form factor and I am not sure if it is suitable for that kind of configurations in terms of connectors. The Wattage requirements for the render node is not an issue- I can find it with an on-line calculator.

Thanks a million guys.


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The PSU will be more than enough.

Beware though: this mITX mobo is designed to be used with low TDP CPUs...if you have to go with an i7, it has to be the i7-2600S.


The 2600/2600K won't work with this mobo's power circuit.

From a quick look, I did not see that limitation on Ashrock mITX mobos (i think i know what u were thinking looking in intel mobos, still...) which do mention full support for i7 K series (aka rated for at least 95W, quite a bit more overclocked - if that's desirable).


EDIT: found the Intel BOXDH77DF that seems to handle 2600k. A bit pricier ofc :p


At any rate, I am pretty confident the seasonic will handle it like a champ.

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Thanks for the help, Dimitrios, again :)

That is very strange, Intel's web-site claims support for 2600s, whereas cpu-upgrade lists 2600k as well. There's even a video on youtube with both DH67CF and 2600k running on some guy's PC.

I will definitely check with Intel before buying that one.


Have a nice weekend,


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My source was newegg, where in both the user feedback and the product details, you can spot the "65W TDP" limitation, and no mentioning of "K" support (just i7/i5/i3 etc). It appears to be a mobo focused on HTPC / home theater applications.


Most other ITX LGA1156 go a long way to brag about K series support (and overclocking those), so it won't be a huge problem finding another one in this format. I don't know where you want to cram those mobos, but if it will be a DIY sorta project, I do believe for that kind of money you can get a tad more feature packed mATX for sure, with better voltage regulation too (that's where Intel when cheap on your original choice obviously).

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Well, to be honest I need the mini ITX motherboards only as render servers (3dS Max, VRay) in addition to my workstation. I just got rid of two micro ATX motherboards with the i7 920s on them just for that reason.

Space will be of great importance as it really is a DIY project. I am not even sure I will be buying PC cases for them... I might accommodate a filling cabinet or something.

Thanks again.


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Well, good luck hunting down the components.


Food for thought, as many people did not like the IKEA helmer, an even more cool looking DIY project (worn quite a bit actually over the last 10 years in DIY clusters).


If you don't place the PSUs below the Mobos but suspend them in-between them, the actual footprint difference between mATX and mITX is not that huge.


Really interested to see what you will come up with.

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