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A method to avoid tiling components when rendering from sketchup?


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Hello all,


First post, have found the site v useful so far. I have a vray sketchup q....been building a model of a house I liked in Detail magazine which is constructed from many stacked precast concrete elements. The concrete material I used tiles well normally but appears repetitive due to the number of identical components (see image). I'm wondering which is my best option:


A) Preferred route, is there some way to overcome this using the UVW settings for the diffuse map?

B) can I randomise the texture position with a procedural technique?

C) or am I better making a mask VFB channel for the material and chucking on a concrete texture in post?


I would normally shift the map position on the component but there's literally 400 of the things!


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1. You can try UVW Unwrap and randomize the position of large groups of elements over the bitmap.


2. You can create a set of concrete materials (3-5) with same settings but different bitmaps. Then find a script in scriptspot.com to random select objects (assuming each element is still a separate object) and apply randomly.


3. You can find (download or purchase, depending on availability) a bigger concrete texture.


Just a few of many other options.



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