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Using Vray Physical Camera & Vray light setting.


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Hi there!


Would like to check which setting should we edit one the camera and lighting position is set?


As in, if the light is dim. Should we change the setting of our Vray Camera or the light source density?


To me, I tend to change the vray camera setting instead of the light source. Am I right to do it?


hope anyone can give me guidance on this. Thanks!

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If you are happy with your lights in terms of color and placement then you should focus on the camera settings. If its dim then try lowering your F-Stop. 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 are the Full stop norms, but if the next one down makes it too bright, try 1/3rd stops or use your ISO settings and shutter speed to brighten things up in smaller increments.


If it's just insufficient light, though, or too much, the colors won't be right and you'll need to re-adjust them. There is no single answer, but this is my approach.

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