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Vray light portals not needed anymore?

Daniel Doerksen

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ive noticed recently that there has been a few people saying that vray light portals are not needed, if your scene is setup properly.


i just wanted to get a larger opinion on the matter.


How many of you are rendering interiors with portals


How many of you are rendering without?


and how are your render times being affected vs your quality result?

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I do interiors often and have never found the use. They in fact, often make things overly bright in my opinion.


Get a good camera setting and put a very normal amount of lights in your scene (by normal I mean what would exist in the physical world), setup your glass to affect all channels and shadows so the sunlight finds its way into your scene, and I typically override the environment GI with a Vray sky map.


This is all just my opinion. I don't see them here around the studio either, but when I started about a year ago they were common place. I don't know what caused the change, but.... it did.

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Portals only take the color from what's behind. I understand it as transporting light info (colors, intensity, etc) into the lit geometry. With a VRay Sky overall, portals or not wouldn't make any difference. (I'm tlaking about VRay plane lights on windows)

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+1 Never used 'em


Might it be that before Gamma 2.2 LWF practices were commonplace that portals were necessary to drive light deeper into the interior scene and now that more people are running LWF that light naturally travels further into interior scenes?

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We actually use portals at work, thus we don't use linear workflow...


I personally use them on personal projekts, together with linear WF, BUT, implementing portals depends on the scene...

Using portals will help drive light/color information into a your interior, but at the expense of severe noise.. On the other hand, you'll get better GI distribution and thus you can do with lower GI settings.


So it's all about pros/cons I guess...

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