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nice work!


a few things though.... I think the shadow under the couch should be darker. And the couch itself looks very hard, and not very comfy. When you use fake GI you never have to worry about rendertimes, so you can use much more detailed models... in other words, I would add some fluffyness and wrinkles to the couch model.


The material on your wineglasses need some specularity, and maybe a reflectionmap...


The chairs are way too bright. I bet you could fix this by adding a negative light.... are you using Max btw?


your steel/chrome material looks great! And so does the floor.

I like the over all feel of the image... and 4 minutes isnt bad =)

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It looks nice for such a quick render time, though your glasses are a bit ghosty.


In a similar vein, before I started using gi, I was experimenting with tring to fake soft corner shadows, and I came up with the idea of mixing a soft edge shadow on the texture itself. I've got three examples below....


t1 no shadow texture,

t2 slight shadow texture

t3 harder shadow texture


I never really finished experimenting with this idea, but I thought it had potential.

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I've just gotten an ambient occlusion plug-in which looks quite promising for faking those soft shadows. I'll try it when I get a minute.


As for those glasses-I don't know why but the actual glass object has been deleted! All that's there is the translucency part :o


Still got a long way to go on this but I think it'll be worth it.

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Here's an update(on everything really)

Changed lots of details and now lighting the scene with area lights with no shadows activated.


Turned on radiosity with low settings to warm it up a bit(second image). Only changed render time from 7.5 mins to 10.5.............

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