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First serious rendering - problems incresing the realism effect

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Studio/Institution: Myself
Genre: Commercial Exterior
Software: 3dsmax vray photosho[

Hy as the title says this is my first serious rendering project. I spent a lot of time with this project and in the end i was quite happy with the raw render from max. The problem is the post production. I feel like i am missing something and the overall aspect of the image is still not what i expected.

Please tell me if u have any suggestions or tips that i can use in the post production to increase the realism of the image .

I also uploaded the raw render form max.

Thank you very much for your help and i wish you all a short rendering time !


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hi there! it looks pretty good. I have to say that for now i´m also a little lost when it comes to post-production.

What i do not like is those extreme black shadows, they are sucking the detail out of the image. I see that you increased the contrast (wich is good), but maybe you could make those shadows softer and even add them a little blur.

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If I was going to keep this particular image I would start with levels and curves adjustments in Photoshop to bring out some contrast. The image is flat for superior grading. Your image is nice I like it. But I am not at work, so this monitor I am using is not calibrated when I played with it.


A quick grade and I know I lost some info but I start using tons of adjustment layers and experiment from their.



Edit: I saw your grade and like it much better than my quickie.



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The thing that will bring it to life and is absolutely essential that you master is entourage - people and cars.

If these are done correctly it will improve the image vastly.

But be careful - if it's not done well it will detract from the building and have a negative impact.

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Hy everyone! Thank you all for your tips and suggestions. Sadly i abandoned the day scene for the moment, will do a remake in the future though. Instead i made this dusk scene which was much more fun to do and i am happy with the result.

Hope you like it, and short render times to you all !


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Late to the thread but the biggest problem with the day image was that the brightness of the reflection in the windows of the building do not relate to the brightness of the sky. The reflection in the windows should be a bit less intense than the sky.


In your image the reflection is several times brighter than the sky.

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Apart from the reflection being too bright on your buildings, it would be nice to have the building in focus not just reflecting trees so I would put in some reflection planes with a light material and jpeg image applied (set as only visible to reflections) of generic office buildings on the front and side. This will help to bring it into reality a little more. And yeah, I prefer your day render to your night render, night renders are a lot harder to get right, keep working on both but the day render could be improved very quickly.

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