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Olnick Spanu House - Alberto Campo Baeza

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Render 07.jpg


Just finished modelling the railings; using the VRay Displacement mod to add fine detail using a bump map I created in photoshop - works really well for close-ups and saves me modelling the individual strands (which I was going to do!)


I've tried to model the windows as close to the real ones as possible, but it's quite difficult to spot all the small details; I even put the little metal strip between the glazing with its own bump map - should look nice if it gets picked up in any renders?


Things still to do on the house:


Kitchen area

Downstairs/Bunker doors

Create shuttered concrete material from scratch as none of the ones in my arroway textures collection seem to look how I want them to look.


Other things to do:

Site modelling,

Tree modelling (going to be the biggest headache as I'd like to animate them if possible),

Groundcover modelling,

Furnishing the building (including creating artworks)

Screencap 02.jpg

Screencap 01.jpg

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Cheers! Any feedback as I go is much appreciated. I've got to a stage now where I've pretty much exhausted all of the info that can be gleaned from the photo's I've found online and am going to have to freestyle parts of it I think. I did manage to find some decent aerial shots on Bing though, so I can start to work out the site from there.

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Fantastic work, amazing detailing. I too am working on a personal project for my dream house, which i might get it done in a few years hopefully and even i'm not that keen on details on my project. Congratulations for that mate.


There's only a few things i had to point out,

First, your concrete materials needs some work, they need better and sharper reflections so bad.

Second, your other materials needs some work too, they look a bit dull in some way and too much distressed and aged. I understand how you don't want them too shiny and look like shipped out from the factory 2 minutes ago but i think the tecturing time machine to a couple year back would do your project a big favor:)


I think you're not at the material focus point of the project, i don't think someone who put that much effort in detail in modelling skip these.


For the third and the last, i suggest using a good quality HDRI for both the background and the lighting(with the sun too of course). Also night shots of this profect could be mind blowing.


Good luck and congrats with the project, can't wait to see the final images.



Kenan Avcı

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Thanks for the feedback mate, I absolutely agree with the concrete comment (see previous post on "things still to do"). As of this stage the materials are roughly in the ballpark of where I want them to be, but I totally agree with you that they do still need some fine tuning.


As for the distressed/aged look - i'm not aiming to make it look like it's been built for 50 years and needs a clean, merely a bit of dirt that suggests it's seen a few stormy winters or something. I always think that CGI buildings look too "perfect" and a little bit of subtle dirt can make all the difference.


The HDRI's used in these shots are all Peter Guthrie ones, which I've never had a problem with in terms of quality?

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As i said, i understand and i like those aged looks but just seems a bit too much to me. I'm guessing it's that the concrete on the roof is not bright as it is in the original house. Like i said you'll probably planning to check the materials later, so it's probably a matter of future.


About the HDRI, well i never been a fan of Peter Gutherie's HDRI's but of course they shouldn't be a problem in case of quality, it's the horizon position what annoys me a bit and the blurry/bad city skyline part in the bottom which we shouldn't -and hope- won't see in this scene. I don't know if you're planning to stay loyal to the original for the landscape or not, but if you do it'd turn this work to a masterpiece from a good work.


It looks just fantastic in autumn.



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