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Camera export to After Effects is not working


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Hi all,


I'm desperately trying to export camera data and nulls from 3ds Max to After Effects.

I'm using 2013 and the state sets to export the .sof file and import back into AE. I've tried on two different machines and I believe I've followed the right steps.

On both machines once I create the link in AE I only get the image rendered but nothing else, no camera no nulls no lights.

I also thought that the camera may need some keyframes, so I tried an animated camera, still nothing. Lastly I thought that to export elements I first need to select them, again nothing. At this point I'm totally discouraged and with no ideas left.

Hope someone can makes some light on this frustrating experience.



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Ok, I was posting on Area as well and it seems that simply is not working.

I don't know if some of you guys here ever needed to export to AE or ever tried, but it would be interesting to see if someone else can confirm the same issue.

I'm trying with 2013, update4 to AE cs5 and AE cs6.

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