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Copying images is one thing but websites...

Jim Mann

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I do feel that it would be a problem if a client was to come across both sites. We are a creative profession so the expectation is that we are creative throughout our presentation material. If only the colour was different.


Glad you liked the site by the way...mine that is.



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Looks similar, too, and I am sure there are a million like this. It's pretty much the most simplistic approach you can take. It's safe, it's minimalist, and it highlights the work nicely.


If you had crazy actionscripted/js/css/etc. and someone copied it, that would be different.


I wouldn't worry about it. Take a look at: http://www.pirated-sites.com/


You'll find some blatant rips.


Pesonally, I think it's the web and it's just going to happen, unless it hurts you, it's not a big deal.

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I can see where you would be a little annoyed. I've had aspects of some of my sites ripped off before, and I probably would have felt worse had I not taken some of those aspects from other sources as well. I guess it is kind of like architecture - Once the idea is out there, what is to stop everyone else from trying to emulate it?


The silver lining is that the uninspired chump chose to make the entire page an image, so his description will never be read or cataloged by a search engine, so people will be far more likely to find your site than his.

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