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Display acting up - Is it the graphics card or the motherboard?

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My display didn't turn on a couple of days ago. Tried a good monitor and still to signal.


I took out the graphics card - dusted it off - reseated it and everything worked fine. Same thing happened today. How can I tell if it's the card or the motherboard that's responsible?


This is computer No. 2 - not my main one.



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Does your video card have another port you can plug into instead of the one you are using? Could be a bad port.

Try seating the video card in a different slot. It could be a bad PCI slot.

Do you have an integrated video on the board? If so try plugging in the monitor there.

Do you have an extra card? If so, try installing that one and see if the display works.

Try a different power supply connector. The power supply may be on the fritz.

Have you noticed your system doing anything funky? Boots OK?

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* just 1 DVI port

* the card sits in a graphics slot

* no integrated video

* I'll try another card

* I'll try another power supply connector - not sure how many it has for graphics cards

* nothing funky - just no signal to monitor occasionally - right now it's working fine


Thanks for your suggestions - I'll try some things over the weekend and keep you posted.

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