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Tower and Landscape


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Studio/Institution: Personal
Genre: Commercial Exterior
Software: 3dsMax, Vray, Photoshop

Hi all. This is just a bit of fun/ practice for me and hopefully something to go in the portfolio.


The tower is based on a newly built tourist information centre somewhere in Japan, the landscape's completely fictional.


Any feedback or advice, particularly on the grass/ plantlife and the water (which I'm a little stuck on) would be greatly appreciated.




Oh, and for the eagle eyed viewers out there, no, that last one didn't take 8 hours to render. PC decided to have a sleep half way through. :p





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for my taste it´s a bit to dark. I think it would indeed fit the scene, if overall lighting is contrasty and some parts get "hidden" by the shadows, but I think it would help, if the areas hit by the sun are lit a lot stronger. At the moment it simply looks underexposed to me.

Apart from that I like the landscape.

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Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't too sure about the lighting in the last set of renders, the end vision has changed since then. In the end I decided to go with an overcast look for some renders and a darker dusk look for others. I decided that wanted to try and showcase the lighting of this building more than anything, so that ruled out any direct sunlight.


Also redid the flora and landscaping a little...



Here's one from the latest set of renders, apparently too big to go directly into a post.




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