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problems w/ wood & radiosity


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Hey guys, well after reading and doing several of the viz tutorials I have finally started to use Viz 4. This is an interior lobby for an office and the volumen you see sticking out is supposed to be made of a dark wood veneer.


I am using the oak that is part of the viz materials, but as you can see it looks better in the radio solution that in the real rendering! Also the glass you see is suposed to be frosted but is not coming that way.


The lighting is just the daylight and radiosity

Inital quality: 80

Refine Iterations: 15

Filtering: 2

Mesh: 50

Render in direct illumination


Sun with raytraced shadows.


What am I doing so wrong? As you can see I have attached the jpeg of the wood,


Why is the wood so orange and lit in the image?


And what am I doing wrong for the lighting?


Well thanks to all in advance for your comments and help.

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Try to check the reflectance value of the materials in the scene, to make sure it is not too high or to low.Keep the value within the range of the physical materials you are simulating by adjusting it in the bitmap’s Output rollout.

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about the frosted glass....


if that is the stock material that comes with viz, turn off the bump map. it will still reflect and let some light through, but that bump really jacks things up. you might be able to scale the bump too, or just play with the amount.



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Wow guys you all helped on one portion of the problems.


Jucaro I do have the advance raytrace on, Kicks I wnet with the lowest midtone (0.01) and its looking better; Nath I played with the enable color map range in the output rollout and I thinks it looks better; and Chuck thanks for the bump tip it looks better w/o the bump.


How do you get the wood to have a glossy look to it , like it has a coat of varnish?


Now guys, do you have any tips or comments on how to start getting a better image of the interior with daylight and radiosity. Do I need to start introducing lights?


Again guys thanks for all the help!:D

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You need to introduce specular reflections to the wood (basic material parameters). I think having the midtone set that low is going to result in a very flat image with limited color range. Adjust the brightness in the scene down and the contrast up. Then adjust the reflectance of the materials (radiosity override material). Your mesh is set on 50 what? Inches? Centimeters? Meters?

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Jason your tip proved to be right on! The thing is that this is my first serious try at a good finish image.


3dec I've changed the wood to the actual veneer we are going to use and it is a whole lot better.


Below I've posted the newest shots, two of the lobby, two of a hall.


I'm still not done but any comments are greatly welcome :p

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