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I need a basic system for ACAD only


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Hi Guys,


I do 95% of my work on Mac OS X in FormZ and Cinema 4D, but I still start with ACAD files from my clients, and I will occasionally do a "real" architectural project (i.e. construction docs) in ACAD. Until now I've been muddling along running Autocad 2002 under Virtual PC on my Mac. I've finally realized that the awful performance is wasting far too much of my time.


So, I'd like to buy the cheapest windows box possible, which will ONLY be used for 2d drafting in Autocad, and I'm wondering which specs are most important. I've seen some Dell boxes for under $400. These typically include a 2.8 GHz P4, 40 GB drive, on-board video, and 128 MB RAM. They all seem to run Windows XP Home.


I'm sure I'll need more memory, but how much is enough for ACAD? As for video, do I need a pro card? When I do a REGENALL for example, is that taxing the CPU and memory, or the video card? I assume the hard drive and processor are fine, but is there anything else I'm missing here? I'd appreciate any advice.




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Hi Jack,


For running purely AutoCAD you don't need anything too special. The Dell boxes you mentioned would be fine, BUT, you will need a graphics card, I am using a basic GEforce 440MX 64mb, which works just fine and only about £40. Also, I would go with a minimum of 512mb Ram. The processor you specified would be fine. XP home works ok for AutoCAD also.


Hope this helps



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