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Vray Light Plane shows faint ghost of itself


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Hi everyone,


I've found posts that describe a similar problem, but nothing exactly fits the bill.


This is my first post here, and I'm happy to be on board. This truly seems to be the hotspot for problem resolution so heregoes...


I've lit my scene predominantly with vray plane lights but upon render, a faint ghost of the light plane is visible no matter what I do to the light check boxes.


Has anyone experienced this? Any solutions?


Thanks SO much,





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Hi Brenn,

I've tested your file.The problem is "Volume Fog" used by you in Atmosphere effects(press 8 to see).As far as i know "volume fog" is incompatible with Vray lights but never seen this ghost effect before.Instead you can use "Vray environment Fog".


So just remove the effect "volume fog" from atmosphere dialog and use vray fog.




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