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UI and Default Switcher: can I customize it?

Rick Eloy

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Hey, folks!

I was wondering here... is there a way to create or customize our own default? Like this: when you select DesignViz, Max automatically sets all the materials to Architectural, right? Can we have a "Default" where all materials come, let's say, VRay Materials or finalRender or whatever? That would save a lot of time. Anyone?

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Your defaults folder has a couple folders in it. Clone one of these folders with all the files. Now rename them, customize them, etc.

Once you do that, you will be able to specify that as your default in one of two ways:

- Custom UI Switcher

- Configure Paths > Defaults > specify the new defaults path


The Custom UI Switcher does nothing more than provide you a nice UI for the 2nd option.


Hope this helps,



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