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Shadow Noise and saturation


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Hello all!


I'm currently studying 3D Design and architectural visualization, quite new in using 3DS max and VRay so I'm hoping for getting tips and helps from the community :D


I'm having a project and there seems to be trouble with noise in my render




The scene was lit with 1 vray skyportal and 3 vray light, with sample subdiv. 32. The dark places and some shadows are clearly showing the noises.


I remember there's a shadow subdiv. parameter in MR but couldn't find it in VRay. Maybe it uses another name, or even controlled by another parameter? Am currently reading Indirect Illumination tutorial at renderstuff and remember it said something about some low settings do create noises in dark places due to subdiv. or what? Have to re-read it again hahaha :D


Also the scene is rendered with 2.2 Gamma but the color looked a bit washed. May be my monitor because I didn't calibrate it? When rendering with 1.8 Gamma I have to bump the exposure up but end up either over or underexposure :/


Any critiques and tips are welcome. Please do enlight this poor little guy who wants to become a 3D artist ^^

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It's hard to tell you anything without knowing some other settings, but first off I'd just set the Gamma to the default 1.0 and work from there. Just a personal preference, but I find messing with gamma within V-Ray to be messy.


Are you using IR/LC?


32 subs on the light is massive. I'd cut that by half.


The leather material...have you increased the subs on the reflection? What's it set at currently?


In your settings under DMC sampler, do you have your Global Subs Multiplier set to 1? Just curious.

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Thanks for the reply


When setting the Gamma to default 1.0 the scene will appear really dark and I'm afraid after setting the right amount of lights with Gamma 1.0 and later bump it up to 1.8/2.2 would make it way overexpose


I'm using IR/LC yes. I'll post the settings under.


It seems like 32 subs on the light do reduce the spots and noises by a bit. Now you mention it, I might need more lights in the scene instead of tuning the subs? The material reflection subs are up to 20. I've tried tuning it up to 30-50 but seems no difference. The only differences I see are between 10-20.






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Download this scene: http://www.aleso3d.com/blog/?p=1119


It is Max2010 and Vray 2.0, however it opens fine and renders with V-Ray 1.5 which is what I have.


Select the glass panel poly and separate into separate panels. Start applying the wall material to some and explore the darkening.

This scene is very good and you could learn lots by experimentation. Aleso3d has also included a PSD file so you can also

explore his post-work in Photoshop.


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Your color threshold is preeetty high, try 0,05 and so in nrm threshold.

I find my pictures getting really noisy when i use vray dome light, but with the subdivision set to 32-50, it clears up nicely.


Set your hsph. subdivision to 90 and your interp. subdivision to 60.


If you are using gamma, set both the system and color mapping to 2,2 and your color mapping type to linear. usually works for me.

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