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xsi reference books and cd's


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I believe 3D Quaker will soon be releasing video tutorials on architectural specific XSI modeling, such as bringing in floor plans and modeling from them. I just purchased XSI foundation and am waiting for it to arrive so I have had my ears and eyes open and I believe they made an announcement about it at XSIbase (SoftImage site). Ed Harris also has a site with a ton of tutorials.





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I recently purchased the experience XSI 4, which as you know is not about architecture at all, but creature modeling, rendering and texturing.

I have to say it is a beautifull book, and well worth the money.

I bought it because really could not find anything else.

I contacted a few post production camapnies in Dublin Ireland , and finally through a firend ave very fortunitly foundsomeone to give me a few hours lessons next week.

So I will keep you posted, and let you know I haven't really gotten a chance to get into it, as it has too much as it stands and I need to peel back what i will use for architectural modeing.




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