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Expand Your Skills Awsome oppurtunity


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This is chance for everyone who might be interested to really get some great exposure to much more than just Arch Viz apps. The summer session included access to FormZ, C4D, Motion Builder, Shake, Real Viz's Image Modeler and Stich (panoramic viewer). In depth training for PSD, After Effects in addition to the before mentioned apps. HDRI imaging is extensively used and taught- making your own. Regular and rather intense challenges. Most important to anyone here is the "artistic" side, Digital photography challenges oriented towards training your "EYE" to reconginze the detials around you. Exposure to Graphic artists like Ian Mcaig- work through and entire concept sketch based on a story, very inspirational and informative.


It's also forum based, there are collaborations informal and Formal.


This is Alex Lindsey's brain child. Yea I know DvGarage & Tech TV, some worship that ground, personally I was never too impressed. This is neither-it's hard core cutting edge production environment with all the tools and resources. For Archviz people it's worth the price of addmission $135us/qtr to learn some in depth compositing, expand your artistic skills, get HDRI experience. You want to get ahead in an competetive industry and actually work within a VFX Pipeline this is your chance. There is 3 times more training than any one person can handle in fall, requiring a focused effort.


It's all online.


Here is the message- Monday is today the 27th




Hey Everyone,


Just a heads up: we're closing the Pixel Corps for the Fall Session this Monday. If you want to come play...you need to sign up soon. We have an incredible collection of software, training, and projects lined up. It's going to be quite a fall...


Here's the info (if you missed it the first time):





We'll begin software and training distribution next week...


alex lindsey

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