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Rendering noise issue


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Hi All,


This is my first post and i want to share something that happens to me in almost all my renders....


I usually render with irradiance map and light caché GI and in any material with any kind of reflection always makes some noise on the shadows, ¿How can i fix this?


An example;





Thank in advance, lot to learn here! ;)

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In the VRay tab change the image sampler type from Adaptive DMC to Adaptive subdivision and and below that, set the min rate to something like 0 or 1 (for really high quality you can set to 2 but i think its not necessary), set the max rate to maybe 3 or 4 and set the noise threshold to something like 0.002-0.006. You can increase the light and shadow subdivs, increase the DMC sampler min subdivs a bit and the HSph subdivs too to something like 70-80 and i don't recommend using Catmull-Rom as the AA filter. First I would just change the Adaptive DMC to Adaptive subdivision and set the min rate to 0 and the max to 2 or 3, and see if it gets better. I hope it helps.

If it's not good enough or the rendering takes to long, either way just change the numbers.

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