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Help - 3D Wireframe

Chris Potts

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Hi Everyone, Can you help me this....


Im working on this Reception room project at the moment...


Here 2 Picture below...


See first Picture, My workmate did drawing fllat 2D Wireframe using by CAD, but he dont know how to do using 3D CAD for wireframe...It look a bit distorted then decide he want me work on this 3D Wireframe using 3D Viz. But I never done it before...Here I did try make simple 3D Model of Reception Room and render output using 3D Wireframe picture (See second picture).


Problem is I can see this wireframe see thru other side of wireframe ie see second picture that have see thru to other room with stair and other one seat bench on left side picture..


This is my first time 3D Wireframe....


Can you explian me how to stop see thru wireframe using 3D Viz....


Sorry my poor english..

(I know you may suggest me should using SketchUp but I dont have it one.)

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the only idea i have (without using sketchup or finaltoon or others) is to duplcate all the objects in the scene and asign them white, self illuminated material (or other not transparent, as you need).

it's not very brilliant, makes your scene doublesize, but works somehow...

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Well it is bit too late for me....I already done it finish this project..Today is deadline for post....my workmate say it look great....I suprised this...It seem quite not good but hey it look good enough simple outline...


I did been using 3D Wireframe render output by Viz then turn it into photoshop...then increase contrast thicker black line and rub out or paint white linie to cover unwanted line....That is all I done it......Overall it look okay....


Thank you for all help me.....




PiXeL_MoNKeY - mmm It seem good to me...maybe i will this out later..


Timmatron - Might good idea import dxf to CAD but I never used it before...I will try experment with this.....to see if it good or not..

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