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Hi there,

We are thinking of integrating max into our pipe line.

I normally render my views in lightwave at 2240x1280, interior views with radiosity will usually take around 20mins to 45mins.

I know this is almost how long is a piece of string but can anyone give me an idea what sort of times people are getting in Vray, Mental ray and Octane so I can compare?


Thank you, much appreciated.

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Thanks, I know but there is so much to learn in optimising a scene in a new render engine before I go down that path I would like a steer, for example I know Maxwell would be out of the question as is widely know it is pretty slow compared.

If it helps I have:

Power mac

2x3ghz Quad-core Intel Xeon

with 12 GB Ram

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You could post some of your 20-45 minutes renders for reference. Maybe propose a render challenge

and a scene. If the scene is worthwhile you'll probably get good participation as opposed to just 4 walls

with a few boxes and balls laying about. You could search the forum and the web for 'render engine challenge'.




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