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Mogamma Beach House


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Studio/Institution: Mogamma
Client: In House
Genre: Residential Interior
Software: 3ds max, Vray, After Effects & Photoshop
Website: http://mogamma.com.au

Hi guys,


This is my first post on this forum, have just launched my own business and looking to find a place to get quality and timely feedback on my work - from what I've seen this looks like the place!


I'm in the process of working up some images for my company portfolio (I cant use anything from my 6 years previous employment). The attached image is the first, a beach house interior of which I found a reference on archilovers (great site for architectural reference) and then styled to my own tastes- I've spent two days on it so far.


I'm pretty happy with the styling, mood and composition - I think its almost there except its still feeling a bit 'gamey' but I cant quite put my finger on why. I was going to add some subtle post effects like some subtle blooms, depth of field and a pinch of chromatic aberation,

But would love to get your guys input thoughts on anything and everything!


Thanks in advance,



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1362017735_m.jpgHi Peter, I think overall the image looks great; however, I do have a couple suggestions for you. First the cactus seems too dark and saturated. I am not sure of the exact species you where going for but I have included a reference photo. The surfboard has a strong light hitting it but the cactus does not seem to be affected by the same light. The other part is in the bottom left corner. The floor seems to be angled down. Not sure if that is a fluke or designed that way. Other than those two things I think the image is great. Keep up the good work.


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