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Walk-through in the house


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hi fellows


what would be the best (ore some alternatives)

solution to make a viewer-controllable walk-through

presentation (private house interior in my particular case)

it would be nice to import from some 3D format (have experience with

various software, no problem)

but highly recomended it to be a stand-alone and freeware application

so the work could be delivered on CD along with that application

and easy enough to view for the client?..


due to lack of time i did not read this forum for the answer

maybe already here, but i welcome if someone repeat it here


thanks, nidas

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I mean a viewer (client) be able to do a walk through

interior of a proposed house using mouse and keyboard

and no expert knowledge of software.

Pre-rendered animations or VR scenes are not suitable in this case


is NavisWorks' what we need? are there other solutions

(preferably freeware)?



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I too think director would be the solution. You can create an executable that stands alone, however the scripting is very heavy. Lingo as a scripting language is logical, but cumbersome, however once you've conqured the system you can apply it to any situation, ie web, cd, kiosk, etc. Also once you have completed the scripts for the first model, you can recycle them for any other model you have. Check this out http://www.macromedia.com/software/director/3d/artists/3dsmax/

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Thanks for the recommendation Pablo! :)


For Nidas and others, try downloading the demo from http://www.digitalarts.dk/cases-gallery.htm. Here you will be able to walk around..I guess it's something like this you need?


You could also check: http://www.rgb-infografia.com/ and their rt/vr section to the left. In both of these scenes you are able to fly around. However I know they have made versions where you can walk also, just not for public download.




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VisuALL's examples look good and are about that

was needed. but we are not-like going to purchase

because of one client's request.

finally he was happy with stills and VR panoramas


thanks for replies. sorry for poor English



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