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Important petition : connection between the renderqueue and the pictureviewer

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WHO : C4D R14 and R13 users who have to render many large images


WHAT : a connection between the renderqueue and the pictureviewer (or the return of the old renderbatch)


WHY : If you're rendering many large images with lots of details, it's important you're be able to see the progress of the rendering full size,

so you can spot small mistakes (which you may have missed while making previews)

You also want to be able to put renderings in a batch, so you don't have to start them individually, one after the other.


Since R13 the renderbatch feature was replaced with the (more powerful) renderqueue

but this renderqueue doesn't give you a realtime 1 on 1 full size preview and doesn't show the multi passes

because it isn't connected to the pictureviewer.



SOLUTION : a connection between the renderqueue and the pictureviewer

or the return of the R12 renderbatch


please sign this petition and spread it around the net as much as possible, thanks !

Peter Hoste / bmd



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breaking news : the return of the old R12 batchrender !



Ever wished the Batch Render would render in the Picture Viewier? Here's a little tool for ya:


PV Render Queue is a simple yet powerfool tool to render multiple Cinema 4D scenes in

the Picture Viewer. See the YouTube video for demonstration, download from dropbox!




Have fun.



Download PV Render Queue from Dropbox

Watch the How To Use on YouTube


R13+ only


You like the plugin? A small donation would be very appreciated!




this gives you the same functionality as the R12 renderbatch (render with the pictureviewer open) in R13 & 14,

works on mac & PC and with vray

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