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Tips on importing sculpture images into 3DS Max & Vray Render

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Hi all,


I would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions on how I can import the following sculpture images I've got into 3DS and render it with Vray so they look like they are actually in the space and receive lights and reflections and not feel like flat maps?. Any thoughts and tips on how I can even model them will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Sculpture 3.jpg

Sculpture 1.jpg

Sculpture 2.jpg

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I'd use mudbox/zbrush to model them, as that is exactly the kind of thing they were designed for. Failing that I'd block out the shapes roughly with an editable poly, then UVW Unwrap them and paint the textures & displacement maps to add detail. Turbosmooth is also really good for stuff like this.


As for the pixelated one, I think I'd use object paint to paint cubes on cubes on cubes, all with their scale & rotation different.

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