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WIP Interior scene (II)


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  • 10 months later...

I love the grungy, grainy look you've got :) Makes for a very atmospheric look to the renders. Nice work.


As for feedback; the first thing I thought off which would make your scenes look more natural is to round your edges a bit. Your walls have very sharp corners at the moment, something not seen in nature. Even the sharpest plastered wall corner will have a radius of a couple of mm.


One other thing; I'm also a pro photographer and when doing architecture shoots I'm always trying to address the different luminosity levels between indoors and outdoors. Even though I'll bracket shots and blend them later, I still try to keep the outside overexposed a little, I think it looks more realistic than photos where the photographer has matched the two exposure levels. Your first image is maybe a little too bright outside, but I think it still looks better than the other two images. Maybe lighten the outside views a little so that they look more in keeping with the amount of light spilling into the rooms?


Keep up the good work!



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