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Warehouse Conversion

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Studio/Institution: Freelance
Client: Private
Genre: Residential Interior
Software: 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop



Working on a little job just now all one bed flats in an old building conversion. Having some problems finding a decent animation path as the rooms are quiet small having to use lots of camera clipping.


Any suggestions welcome



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looks promising, although from that angle/position you can´t see much from the room - but this might change when animated. What focal length did you use so far?

One thing that could be improved is the outside, looks to flat, without contrast.

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Bit of an low res update, still messing about with mats and other bits and bobs. Will finish the bedroom soon.


I also thought the red wallpaper in the main space was a bit harsh so went for something softer, but still not happy with it (but I think it is better than the red)


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A little update, had to stop to work on some other stuff but this is where I have gotten to just now



I may forget about animating the hall as it is a bit dark, dingy and not really that interesting and replace it with a couple of stills instead

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