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Environment/Background Camera Map - help

Cesar R

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I am trying to warp my heard around what this does?

I am have been reading the help and I see that it attaches an images to the camera to be used as a background, but in all my testing it seems to produce incorrect reflections.




When would this map be used and how?

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They say you don't really know something until you teach it to someone else, so, i'll try :)


Environment/Background Camera Map is just one step in integrating CG objects onto a real world backplate (everything i'm writing here is for Mental ray, offcourse).



Work flow, or at least one of the work flows, would be this:



1. set a photo as viewport backround (make sure viewport aspect ratio matches photo resolution)


2. hit "8", for environment map set "Environment/Background Switcher"

2.1. in there for background set Environment/Background Camera Map

2.1.1. in there for Map set same photo as viewport background, and set it on Environ with Screen mapping

2.2. for Environment/Reflection set a photo that is used for reflection (if 360° panorama then everything is OK, if not,
Environment Probe/Chrome Ball can be used to "cheat")

3. in Matte/Shadow/Reflection material for Camera Mapped Background set instance of Environment/Background Camera Map (same one that is in Environment/Background Switcher for Background).


Note: if using physical glass preset (or material set in the same manner) and backplate must be visible through it, then plate onto which mip_matteshadow material is applied must be positioned so that it is visible through the glass.



I hope i was clear enough :)

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