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What software are you using? Are you using a default renderer such as scanline in max?


I think you need to look at some reference images before you begin to get a feel for what you want to achieve.


Your materials all look like solid colours and have no textures, bump or diffuse textures go a long way to help. Nothing seems to be reflecting light and there is no bounced light in the scene. All the colours are too saturated and the sky could do with being replaced with a real sky photograph.


There is a lot that this image needs to be honest and it looks a long way from being real.


Can you get hold of 3dsmax and use mental ray or vray? Google some texturing and lighting techniques, there are so many available on various blogs and websites that are really helpful. Have a look at them.

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No problem.


If you're using Vray then i think you definitely need to look at some "how to" guides and "making of" tutorials. I was hoping you'd say you were using scanline rendering......


Here is a good resource, it may be above your level at first, but it's a good place to see what can be done and how it's done, if time allows.



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I agree with Andy with regard to the texturing. Reflections and the bump maps will add a lot.


I just wanted to clarify that when Andy writes "Bounce Light" he mean GI. The image seems to be lacking GI altogether. If Vray is set as your render engine, it doesn't default to GI on so you need to tick that on first. Then make sure you are using a VraySky Map in either the Evironment slot (8) or the Envorinment Override rollout of the render settings. With these things on and your Sun setup, you will need to use a Vray Physical Camera and turn on Exposure, un-tick Vignette and set your F-Stop value.


Before you go to far with textures, I would get your lighting looking right. Soft and clean. Maybe use a Vray Material with defaults, place a VrayDirtMap in the Diffuse slot and apply this material to the Override MTL slot in the render settings. This will allow you to setup your lighting and exposure. I usually exclude glass from the override, but either way is just fine.


People work in different ways, but I'd be willing to bet that nearly everyone sets their lighting and exposure up before they refine their materials.


Last thing, I would render the image taller and crop out the bottom in post. Give the building a little headroom.

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Thank you Andy & Corey. The link is too helpful. And for the lighting I used V ray sun and the Vray sky and enabled the GI. I attached my settings and the image after rendering, and for the post processing I followed the tutorial http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/chaos-group-vray/compositing-v-ray-render-layers-in-photoshop/. any suggestions for my settings and what things should I consider in post process?render.jpg

setting 1.jpg

settings 3.jpg

Physical Camera & sun.jpg

settings 2.jpg

settings 4.jpg

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There is still something odd going on here. It looks very desaturated. What are you gamma settings in 3dsmax? Do you definitely have just one VRaysun? Also, the materials on the building still seem to be very flat. Try adding some diffuse, bump and reflective maps to the materials.


You can worry about people once you get a good render.

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Something is going on... I think Andy is right about the 2 Suns. Even if they are on a layer that is hidden, it still could be rendering if you don't un-tick hidden lights in the Vray rollout.


You have 45 degree shadows on 2 sides of your building. What you should have is a side that has solid lighting and a side that is soft shadow.


As to your settings, I would un-tick Vignetting in your camera and just use a Neutral white balance, you can add photo filters in post. Then in the Color Mapping section of your Render settings, I would tick "Don't Affect Colors (Adaptation only)".


You do need to eventually get more complex textures going, but you should be getting a much more realistic look regardless.

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