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I have a potential client that want to visualize his home in real time. He would like for me to show his house and walk through it with him using the mouse.


I am using 3D studio max, and the only way I can do this is to show it to him in shaded mode. There isn't going to be much detail here. Just so he can get a sense of what the spaces will be like.


I'll just have to have some free cameras and move through the spaces, and be wary of the camera height as I pan around and move. It's a huge house....like a 1.5 million dollar home.


I don't like to do these tyes of projects, but I could sure use the money. I was thinking of doing this on an hourly basis, because who knows what will happen with this or how much he'll want to do after he sees it.


I haven't investigated the "real time" options that I've read on the other threads, but I am going to look into it in the future. For now, this seems to be the only option for me.


Does this all sound correct to anyone? I can't think of another way.

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