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Just like the usual, Hello :D


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Hello :D


Let me introduce myself,

I'm a 16 Year old post-High school student, and will be entering the college in the nearby times. You can say I'm not in adulthood yet, but You can't say I don't have any idea how to interact and understand things around :)


So yeah, I notice this site quite a long time ago, though, since I searched about some modeling stuffs, I starting to see how helpful and humble this site is, so what's better than joining in ?


Some more things about myself, I like some humble, and warm words/texts, I really like to develop some skills, from the humble beginning of drawing a house, cartoons, and now here I am stumbling across rendering some of my models :D


So Yeah, I hope I can find a good place to sit here, and another community to befriend with :D



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