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Karl Larsen

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They are both very capable rendering engines, and to be honest I firmly believe they can both achieve the same results, however I found that when I pushed mental ray to its memory limits, even with proxies; it crashed. In a production environment, that isn't really great - nothing worse than coming to work expecting your project to have rendered overnight and it hasn't.


Then there are the little things, such as the way displacement works, the adaptive DMC sampler (though mental ray has just introduced unified sampling, which is along a similar line of thought, is it not?), the ease of setting up HDRI lighting, the edges texture, vray dirt, and a myriad of other small things that add up to a greater package as a whole, in my opinion.


I'd never say mental ray was a bad rendering engine, and in terms of speed it can be just as fast as VRay if you know what you're doing, so this argument is a moot point I believe.


It depends on your budget; if you can afford VRay, go for it. If not then Mental Ray will almost certainly be able to accomodate most things you are trying to do - just be careful in large scenes when you're running out of ram!

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One thing that I always loved about Vray was that when you do a lighting pass and then you revise it or add to it for an animation, it has a utility where you can combine lighting solutions and you can save it as one file. I used vray for many years, but once I learned Mental Ray, I've been using it ever since. My images seem to turn out better using Mental Ray. However you can't combine the lighting pass after the fact. You can do an incremental save, but you can't combine separate FG files.



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