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No Video Card Fast enough to run ADT?!

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I've heard that most video cards are great for gaming but still can't run ADT very fast? especially when panning, orbiting, zooming etc. Is this true?


I've just purchased a very fast computer with an Nvidia Ge Force Fx128 Go5700 card and Exiting the orbit command still takes quite awhile!


I'm wondering if there is any card that will exit the orbit command quickly, or is it just a flaw in the program?


A 256 card wouldnt make much of a difference from a 128?


Thanks for your help!

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im using the desktop equivalent version of yours (fx5700 non-ultra, but with 256mb) and i dont have any issues.


in ADT, or most any application really, the performance difference between 128mb and 256mb of onboard ram is negligible. unless you are loading an entire image for texture uncompressed, there really shouldnt be an issue.


admittedly i am a max user and was just introduced to ADT; but so far ADT has seemed minimally stressful to my system.

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I would say it has much less to do with your hardware than the software itself. ADT - which is based on AutoCAD - just doesn't take full advantage of 3D video cards. So because of the poor coding on AutoDesk's part, you can probably throw the fastest PC at it, and its really not gonna seem much faster than a midline PC.

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