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Interior lightning in MAX


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Hi, as my predecessor i am asking the same for interior scenes lit only by sunlight through openings and windows.


i am coming from lightscape and am only fooling around with max demo at this time, but what i am missing in max is the ability to define "windows", or "openings" where the light can come in, so no radiosity energy is wasted around but concertrated only inside the room.

with lightscape this works perfect, but how to achieve this with max?

in lightscape i sometimes create 2 solutions, one for inside and one for outside and merge them together.


can anyone give me a short hint about this in max?


thanks a lot in advance!

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thanks, but this way all walls recieving light must be double-sided built of polygons facing towards inside and outside to prevent shadow-leaks i guess.


if i only want an interior-scene there is some waste of polygons. is there a way how to prevent this? is there a possibility to set a single polygon to double-side. this was not possible in lightscape. there were only single-side polygons.


again thanks a lot for your help!

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i think if i am correct, all you have to do is check "double-sided" for your material and that should work fine, but i could be wrong


Never touch double sided materials when using radiosity. You need to place a box around the whole interior with openings to correspond with the windows. Sure enough you will be spending processing time on rendering the exterior of the box but it should only be a few faces.


The ability to define openings in Lightscape was brilliant and something I really miss. Only Vray seems to offer something similar in that you can define a light as an opening (that I know of).



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thanks a lot for your help. i tried double-sided materials, but i get serious light-leaks at particular places.


i will probably have to model the walls as real "walls" with thickness to avoid this, and maybe delete all these faces afterwards when exporting for an interactive model.

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