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vray baking help


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its a corner of the room ( Basically any wall meets with other), where i gets all these.

GI i use is photonmap and light cache

DMC sampler - adaptive amount .07, noise threshold 0.001,

Adaptive dmc sampler 1 adn 40

These are fine if i render any view but once i bake i get the dirty corner. and i bake a wall of a room in 2048.


i wanted to take this to unity3d for some realtime application

Can someone tell me whats the best settings for baking of interior

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I am in the process of learning the VRay-MAx to Unity workflow too, but from the basics I would tell you to try to avoid to use Photon mapping on VRay. This is an old method and has not been touch by chaos group in a while. For interiors use Irradiance map and Light cache or Brute force and light cache, if you have time to long renders.


Also gamma is very picky while baking maps so maybe the map that you are getting out of your baking process is linear map so it look darker than the one in VRay viewport.

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