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Best software to utilize Z-Depth pass for DOF in post- production?


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Hi all,


So far I have been rendering only still images but recently I was given the task to render an interior walk-through animation with DOF involved.

I would normally use the VRayCamera DOF and on rare occasions the Z-Depth pass, which then would go into Photoshop. I have always been more pleased with the VRayCamera DOF even though it takes forever to render as oppose to the Z-Depth DOF which looks too simple and lack variations in terms of shallowness.


But now I HAVE to resort to using Z-Depth and wanted to ask if the standard technique of Lens Blur in Photoshop (or whatever the equivalent is for After Effects) is indeed the most eye pleasing way to do it. Even if it takes a little/ a lot longer is there a plug-in or separate software which will provide better results?

My supervisor recommended Frischluft Lenscare but I have never used it or any other alternative for that matter.

What could you recommend? Free or not-free - what would you recommend?


Thanks a lot everybody.

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