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First post - my work + question


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Hello everyone,


Just like the website suggests I will post an introduction post with some samples of my work, hope you don't mind.


Hi again, I'm an architecture student from Latvia. I'm trying to learn more and more skills with every single project. I guess you can see that in my work. I would like to get a lot of replies so that I would know what's your opinion about my work.


Note: Take a closer look to see what's going on in every single one of them (link below pictures). All of them are layout designs. All critics and comments are appreciated.


Question: Could you please show or suggest me any plugins/tips for creating snow and ice in 3ds max + vray? I have looked for some ways how to do it but I came to a point to ask it in forum.


Thank you in advance.



Example one: Layout design

Object: Cafe

Year: 2013 March

Layout size: 2 x A2 paper





Example two: Layout design

Object: Gallery interior

Year: 2013 May

Layout size: 2 x A2 paper





Example three: Layout design

Object: Private house

Year: 2013 November

Layout size: 3 x A2 paper



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