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Entry Foyer for office building

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Your wood texture seems to be a little big, also the alignment on the frames, usually should be follow the verticals then other panel go across the top of the door, so you may need to add some cuts there to show different panels. The glass door is missing the metal hardware top and bottoms and the handles they are not made of one solid piece, it is a piece outside and other inside, so you should be able to see the gap in the middle of the glass. the diameter also seems big.

maybe a plant or two can the place a little more comfortable.

The background photo, seems to be in war zone. not sure where is this building is but, nobody will buy a project that seems to be under attack.

add one person or two and maybe some "God rays" coming from the right will frame your lobby much better.

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I would have someone walking in pushing the door about 20 deg.


The company name would be on the doors or above.


Foreground palm in one of the corners creates a sense of depth.


Door handles too big and too white.


Metal swing brackets at door ends.


Scale of seating seems off - either it is tiny or doors are giant


end vertical of window mulls is too thin.


Vertical boxes seem like they should have sculpture on top.


Yellow glowing strip above seems weird.

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