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Lighting variation with rotated HDRI animation


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Hey hey.


I've got a problem with a rotating HDRI.

When I render out an animation where the HDRI is rotating (only camera is moving), there occurs varations in the lighting periodically. Seems to be a 5/6-Frame-Range



1. Frame - too dark and dull

2. Frame - less dark

3. Frame - correct lighting

4. Frame - dark again

5. Frame - more dark.


and so on.


This problem only occurs when the HDRI is rotating. If there is no rotation, everything is fine. I'm rendering with Brute Force. So no GI-Flicker.


Ideas? Someone? Would be wonderful :)


Best, Marcus


I attach 3 examples. The third on is correct, btw.







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I'd ask if something was blocking your light, but those are some tall towers so its unlikely.


I found this interesting as I've encountered similar strange issues rotating HDRIs in Blender Octane, ie I'll rotate to 90 degrees, the lighting pretty much breaks, but then if I rotate to 90.01 degrees, it fixes itself. Perhaps something to do with the transformation that occurs from lat/long to the environment sphere?

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