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Vray 3 and 3ds Max 2015 bug?

Brodie Geers

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I'm having an issue and wonder if someone else can replicate it.


I'm using Vray 3.00.06 with 3ds Max 2015 SP1.


3ds Max crashes when I try to open a scene containing Vray Proxies which are A) instances of eachother and B) set to Preview from File display mode.


Here are some simple steps which cause the crash on my machine.


1) create sphere

2) convert the sphere to a vray proxy

3) create an instance of the proxy

4) change display mode to Preview from File

5) save file

6) attempt to open the file that was just created


If someone would try to replicate this I would greatly appreciate it.





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I received a response from Vlado about this...


Hi Brodie,


Yes, I can get it to crash; other users reported this too and we are looking into it urgently. In the meantime, the file will open fine if you switch from Nitrous to Legacy Direct3D viewports.


Best regards,


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