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Wants to add a artist to cgarchitect :)


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Hello to all,


My Name is Akshay and i just started surfing CGARCHITECT 2-3 months ago .Whenever i gets time i used to read all the discussions,issues and jobs done by experts .


First of all,i heartly thanks to moderators and experts for their efforts to enhance and help the newcomers of our industry ,to provide such a great platform to us.


Dear all, I am working as a Team leader in a architecture studio based in Delhi and basically my concern is here mostly guys used to work on a fix settings ,they don't have enough artistic knowledge .


Actually we dont know the artistic reason behind the vray settings ,gamma ,cameras and other settings .Like as we do only diploma courses and start working here in Delhi .They teach us only tools,even the faculties aren't that much knowledgeable till depth .


But i want to learn and work more artistic for my studio ,for my industry ,and for MYSELF .But am not getting a path like from where to start.


Can anyone help or show me a path to follow like i can start from starting because i want to learn deeply and meaningfully .Not like machine settings only.


Please help.

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Have some patience, not everyone browses CGA on their weekends. Most of us wait until we are at work on Monday while waiting for the morning's heroic intake of coffee to kick in. Since my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, prepare for some grumpy guss comments.


There is no real, do this and become awesome, path to follow. The best artists are the best because they didn't sit around waiting for someone to tell them how to do it. They just started creating art. They failed, they got critiques, they failed some more, they learned some more, and they improved over time. There will be time when you need to ask questions, and most questions are valid, but don't ask questions at the expense of actually creating something.


Go to art museums and art shows. See how other artists work, both the classic masters and current artists. Look around you in the real world. Take in how the sun looks at dawn or at sunset. Look at the shadows light and color. Just experience everything you can and start creating art. It's that simple. Just. Start. Creating. Art. That's the only path you should follow.


At the same time, in a company setting you often need to work to set of standards. You need to produce consistent images and produce them in a consistent timeline. You don't need some play-by-their-own-rules rogue renderer going off and doing whatever they feel like. You can research new ways, but prepare to talk to the guy who signs your paychecks and be able to prove to them that you can get better quality for roughly the same time and money investment from them. If you go to them with this "new way" and it'll take weeks longer and cost them thousands more, they'll laugh you right back to your desk.


So, while you can become a better artist, you might always be kept down by a company's production pipeline. If that happens, you have to choose whether you want to stay there or go find greener pastures somewhere else.

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Thank you very much Sir for your kind reply.


Actually i am already handling a team of 7-8 members.And now i want to enhance quality for that i was thinking to do some kind of degree course.

So,do you have any idea about university here in india which is teaching artistic courses.?

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