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wip: Adam's room

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Studio/Institution: Shoestring ArtS
Genre: Residential Interior
Software: Blender 2.70, GIMP, Inkscape

space room 02 600 x 600 px.jpg


This is a WIP for a room for a boy between 6-8 yo. The major elements and lighting are in place, but I still have to add some toys and other "kid stuff" to fill the shelves and the dead space at the foot of the bed. Also, I think the texture on the dresser needs to be toned down a bit.


As you can probably tell, there's no HDR in this, only basic three-point lighting in addition to the accent lighting. I'm going for a night scene where the only lighting would be room lights. There is just minor post-processing in GIMP to adjust the brightness, contrast and add gaussian blur.


The main feature is, of course, the ceiling and walls, so I set the camera for a 24mm lens to be able to show it off.


Any suggestions or comments would be most appreciated.

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space room 2 600 x 600.jpg


An updated version...I've made the lighting a bit more dramatic by making it appear that the lamp is the light source for the room, dropping the intensity of the rest of the lights. I also added two elements to help fill the dead space on the floor. Still have to add small elements to the shelves, and make the ceiling light more translucent.

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Hello there, that is a very nice bedroom of your kid. The colors of the walls are great and the designs are absolutely stunning. Maybe you should try adding some furniture in the room and try other types of lighting in the room. You just really have to be creative in remodeling the bedroom.

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hey there,


i just saw the post on the main page an thought to give a little critique.


it's a good start and a good idea. the first thing i noticed though is that there barely is depth and shape in the image. it appears very flat. especially when you look at the part where the blanket hits the floor. it's all too evenly lit. if the main light on the drawer is your main source, you should have a lot of shadows in the scene. also the ceiling and the transition from the walls look flat. i would redo the whole light setup, starting from that one light source on the drawer and add fill and rim lights to get a good nighttime-mood. i think it's easier to restart than tweaking the lights you already have. take reference pictures that are not cg and try to acieve the lighting mood from you reference. if the light on the ceiling is turned off, it needs to be less bright.


if you want to achieve "drama" in your image, do it with light and color. play with brightness and darkness to highlight specific places. also color plays an important role in achieving athmosphere. play with warm tones around the drawer and bed and colder tones around it. instantly the image will look much more interesting. also try to move the camera with the rule of thirds in mind and try different focal lenghts until you got what you want (check references!).


texturing wise most of your props look solid. the only real no-go is the floor texture, especially on the first image. tiling always is a bad thing. on the last image you posted there is much more improvement. maybe you try layering some stains and dirt on the carpet to break the tiling. if rendertimes are not important do one huge handpainted map in 4K (eg). also as you said, "kids-stuff" on the floor would also break the blank space.


overall the image is on a good way. keep tweaking and try to polish, it's almost there!

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