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Unwrap UVW

Chris MacDonald

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Hey guys/girls,


I don't often use the Unwrap UVW in max, but have had some experience with it. One thing I am always finding is that I always end up wasting a lot of texture space because it will only render out a square UVW template. Is it possible to render out a rectangular UVW template? I.e. change the dimensions.


See picture.




Any help is much appreciated. No plugins though, please. I'm using vanilla 3ds max for this as I don't use the feature often enough to warrant spending money on it.

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Sounds good, however all it seems to have done is stretch the UV templates to double their previous length? Or am I required to scale them by hand so they fill the page?


If so, is there any way of scaling numerically? I only want to double the scale along the vertical axis and then I'll have exactly what I need.

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I do it differently.


So lets say I want my texture to be 2048x1024. I use UV Unwrap like normal but in preferences I set the grid to on and set it to a spacing of 1. Then I can see where 0-2x0-1 UV space would be and I just use that as the boundary. Once I have what I want I add a UVW xform modifier to compact the layout back to 1:1 space (in this case enter .5 into the U tile box). Once that is done I add a UV Unwrap on top, check to see if everything is inside the 0-1 UV and save the template out as 1024x2048 and it will look just like it did in the first UV Unwrap. If you need to make a change just go back to the 1st UV Unwrap and the changes will be updated throught he two modifiers and just export again.


I like this method because you are not working with UVs that are all smushed and you dont have to add a correct aspect ratio texture beforehand.


Hope that helps.

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