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Best Saving image format for printing an image

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Something with no compression is best like a .tga or .tiff. I wouldn't use a PDF to print from.


.Jpg is also okay for most print purposes if you don't compress it. So leave that on it's highest setting when saving.


If you can .exr give you the best files to save out from Max. If you know how to utilize the benefits in Post. Otherwise go for a .tga or .tiff again as these can be either 32-bit or 16-bit depending on your needs.

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For sending out images I normally use PNG (8 or 16bit) ...or JPG at highest quality if the PNG is too big or not needed.

PDF is only needed for layouts including vector graphics, but it should be also ok if you disable compression. A compressed PDF is basically the same like a JPG, it is using jpg compression.

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