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Elmstead & Close @ 3dsLondon this Wednesday 3rd September

Simon Moir

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This Wednesday 3rd September from 7pm is 3ds London at Truckles. It's been a few months since everyone's got together so I hope you can make it!



To get things started- Andrei Shah has been coming along to 3ds London for a number of years, firstly as a student at uhanimation.co.uk and as a Visualisation Artist at www.fosterandpartners.com. You might have seen Andrei's award- winning 3rd year short, Elmstead & Close. I did, very slick work, and happy then to recognize it was by a 3dsLondon attendee... I knew I could twist Andrei's arm to make a presentation! As it happened I didn't need to, he was ready to present last month (so he's had an extra few weeks to fine tune his presentation- no pressure Andrei). Always looking for presentations don’t forget! Just bring it along to show everyone on Wednesday or get in touch and arrange a date.

Check www.3dslondon.co.uk, www.facebook.com/3dslondon, the LinkedIn group, follow @3dslondon or email to get on the distribution list. Sorry for this month's late notice, holidays / behind the scenes wrangling to blame...



It's going to be warm and sunny (promise) on Wednesday evening so see you there, kind regards, Simon

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