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Illustrator to 3D program


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Hi Guys,


I'm working on my first exterior project and I have 3 dxf files (floor plan, proposed section and elevations). I have C4D 8.5 and Illustrator 8 at the moment and can open the dxf file with a few errors like:


- Layer x is hidden

- LWPOLYLINE is not a supported element;

- HATCH is not a supported element

- REGION is not a supported element


Does anyone know what this is about? Is it essential that these things must be included?


Also could someone detail how they export their dxf file for use in their 3d program. What's the cleanup process? Is it normal to start extruding from floor plans from a dxf file if it's opened up in C4D/other?


Sorry if the questions seem pretty straight forward - it's a first for me dealing with dxf files and building from them!


Any help appreciated.



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